Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Short trousers.

     The other day it was snowing a blizzard and I crossed the moor to go to the supermarket. The fields were white with snow and the roads were slippery. On the way I came across a walker, nothing unusual in that except that he was wearing shorts in January. It made me wonder why he would choose to wear a padded anorak, a scarf, a woolly hat, gloves, walking boots with thick socks, and shorts. Shorts when I was wearing the thickest corduroy trousers I could find and had the heater blasting out on full heat.
     When I arrived at the supermarket there was another idiot pushing a trolley and guess what? he was wearing shorts. A big coat, shoes with black socks, and shorts. Shorts with socks are not a great fashion combination at the best of times, and it's always middle aged men with legs which should be covered so as not to scare the horses who insist on wearing them. I wouldn't mind seeing an attractive young woman wearing shorts as I wander around the supermarket, it would  make my day, but I don't need to see knobbly knees and varicose veins,  it's enough to put you off your breakfast cereal. Who on earth get's these people dressed? Do they get out of bed, look out of the window, see the snow and instantly think I must wear my shorts today? but it's cold so I'll need my big coat, bobble hat, and thick socks. Are are they incapable of any kind of rational thought, or thought of any kind?

Answers on a postcard.

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