Sunday, 15 March 2015

No Charge

A boy handed his mother a piece of paper. It read,

For washing up, 50p
For making my own bed, 50p
For going to the shop, 50p
For taking out the rubbish, 50p
For getting a good report card, £1

Total owed £3.

His mother picked up the pen, and she wrote,

For bringing you into this world, there’s no charge.
For comforting you when you cried, no charge.
For bathing you and changing nappies there isn't a charge.
For washing your clothes and for wiping your nose there’s no charge.
For hugs and sticking plasters on your knees, still no charge.
For loving you, unconditionally, even when your naughty, there’s no charge.

Total owed, nothing.

On Mothers day give a card and flowers, no charge.
Give some of your precious time, no charge. 
You will never be able to repay the debt you owe.

This blog has been inspired by the song, No Charge.


  1. Beautiful! We have a song overhere in the Netherlands that is about the same... Well done!

  2. Hi Coby the song is by Tammy Wynette, but although the sentiment remains the same the words are a little different.

  3. Yes, i know, but here in the Netherlands in was performed by a singing truckdriver and in the Dutch language...:P But youre right, de sentiment stays the same, in every language...