Monday, 20 May 2013

Feed an author

     Before becoming an author I never considered reading an Indie book. Like many  people I considered them to be vanity press. That is no longer the case as I can contest. Since seeing this  Feed An Author picture on the internet I have read a number of Indie books, not all to my taste, but mostly well written and only distinguishable from best sellers by the want of a major publisher to promote it.
     Indie books, either self published or print on demand  receive  little or no marketing budget at all. You are unlikely to find them in a bookstore, or at your local library, but they are often worth searching out on book websites.
    These Indie titles will cease to exist without you, the readers. Your first task, as a supporter of struggling authors, is to select an Indie download, or paperback of your choice, and buy.  Downloads are cheap and some are even free. If you liked what you read tell people about it, recommend it to friends, both on and offline. Share the experience on facebook and twitter, and don't forget to leave a review at the point of sale, authors need to know that their work is valued, and book buyers rely on feedback to avoid making uninformed  purchases.

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